Dental Unit & Chair


3000 TGLT: to achieve the best results the first requirment is reliable equipment


Electric chair movement: vertical seat adjustment ,backrest tilt


Synchronized movement between seat and backrest to reach 

  trendelenburg positio

Ergonomic soft upholstery in many colors

Console with keypad to control chair movement to achieve the cuspidor

  bowl and chair

X-ray viewer

Operating light with 8000-35000 lux

Removable left armrest

3000 TGL


High-grade articulated headrest, suitable for adult & child

Full functional foot control

Double safety system for chair movement

Air suction

Saliva ejector


3000 TBL


American style seat

Left and right armrest

Auto spittoon flash and cup filler (Adjustable)

Solenoid tablet system (ACL solenoid valve)

Stainless steel tray


3000 TGLP


continental type with five holders

3-way syringe

Foot control for chair movements, switch on-off operating

   light & rest position

X-ray viewer

Three & four hole hand piece hoses with & without fiber optic

2 pcs stainless steel tray Water suction Three-way syringe Electric chair movements

  Full functional foot control Cold shadow less operating light

3000 TB

 3000 TBLP