Domina Plus B


Class B Autoclave with vacuum pump

  Monolithic steel tank with 5Lto 18L capacity.

  With 4 vacuum phases provided by powerful pumps & drying capability

  Micro processor controls for all the cycles

  Built in printer to show the sterilization cycles

  7 primarily programs stored in memory

  Sterilizing both internal & external surfaces of hand pieces & turbines

  With flash cycle for quick sterilization in 20 minutes

Axya Plus B

Ultrasonic cleaner

Equip with heater function up to 60 degree

Ultrasonic frequency:42 kHz

With cooling fan for long cleaning cycles

Include 2 stainless steel baskets

Steel tank from 2L to 5L capacity


10-12 cycles with a single load of distilled water in the internal tank

User -friendly control panel with 4 buttons

Lcd dispaly to visualize instructions and information

  A safety system monitors every phase of the sterlization cycle and informs of any failure

Performs fractioned vacuum phases,as required for B-type cycles(1210C,1340C,1340C B flash-1340C prion) and test cycles: Bowie and Dick,Helix and Vacuum test.

  Direct connection to the main water supply

  Low consumption of water and energy

  Available in 3 versions,with integrated printer and a connection for the main water supply,compact flash-memory card and connector for external printer.